Jason Fond – A Career in Sports Medicine

Jason Fond is an award-winning orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the area of sports medicine and orthopedic surgery.  Sports medicine is an area of medicine that focuses on seeing to the medical needs of athletes and others who live active lifestyles.

Like many practice areas within medicine, it can be either curative or preventive in its approach to injury and different professionals within the field will focus on different areas. Jason Fond’s career as a surgeon puts him into a curative role where he works to help athletes make a safe recovery.

Despite its name, sports medicine can, can be of benefit to non-athletes as well. Oftentimes, people who have suffered from debilitating injuries such as those sustained in a car wreck or from a disease such as a stroke will seek the aid of a medical professional within the area of sports medicine to help them regain full motor control.

Jason Fond’s career as an orthopedic surgeon gives him the opportunity to help everyone from injured athletes to people suffering from various degenerative diseases and other issues that can affect the muscular system.

Those interested in a career in sports medicine have a wide variety of career paths open to them. Some people in the industry, such as Jason Fond, are medical doctors who specialize in helping athletes recover from their injuries.

But those seeking to work in the field of sports medicine have many options available to them, such as working as a nutritionist, exercise physiologists and others.

A nutritionist understands that the things we put in our body can have a major impact on our overall health and wellbeing. Nutritionists often work with athletes in order to help them develop healthy diets that will complement their exercise program in order to get the most out of their athletic careers.

Exercise physiologists have a number of career options open to them involving everything from evaluating a person’s metabolic function to administrating exercise stress tests. But in the area of sports medicine they often work as athletic trainers helping to develop customized workout plans in order to help their patients best achieve their athletic goals.

These are just a few of the options available to those who wish to pursue a career in the field of sports medicine. However, all of the specialists in this field, from surgeons like Jason Fond to nutritionists, have one thing in common. They all have a passion for sports and for helping athletes achieve their full potential.


Why Attending School in Another State is Important

It was at a young age that Jason Fond decided he wanted to go to medical school. After suffering a sports-related injury, Jason became interested in sports medicine and began researching the different medical schools around the country. As his impending high school graduation grew near, Jason looked at the benefits of state and out-of-state colleges, finally settling on Tufts College in Massachusetts.

Jason Fond felt that attending an out-of-state college would help him to become more independent, which was something he felt would be an important characteristic to have as a doctor. Jason’s personal growth was an important reason for his decision. Attending a college out-of-state also gave Jason the chance to build a larger network of contacts. For Jason, making friends in a new state allowed him to broaden his social circle, expanding his ability to reach out to those friends as he built his practice and career.

For those considering attending an out-of-state college, Jason Fond says that being able to experience a new area is an extraordinary benefit. When you are forced to live in a new area, you gain more knowledge about the world around you and gain a better understanding of the different communities in the country. Jason believes that this can sometimes be just as important and educational as the information you learn in the classroom and wouldn’t change his decision to attend an out-of-state college if given the chance because he learned so much more than just what the college taught him during the four years he attended.

Earning a Top Notch Education

Dr. Jason Fond is a highly respected sports medicine physician and orthopedic surgeon from Nanuet, New York. As a child, Jason spent his time running around the streets of Bergen County, New Jersey participating in various sports teams and community clubs. After graduating high school, Jason left his family’s home and enrolled at Tufts University, where he earned his undergraduate degree in 1991. Shortly after graduating, he started medical school, a decision he says was partially influenced by a severe injury he suffered as a teenager.

Albert Einstein College of Medicine provided Jason Fond with the foundation he needed to pursue a career in medicine. During his training from 1991 to 1995, Jason focused on orthopedic sports medicine, helping to place him at Montefiore Medical Center where Jason would complete his orthopedic surgery residency in 2000. To further his knowledge in sports medicine, Jason applied for and was accepted for the Sports Medicine Fellowship at the Nirschl Clinic of Georgetown University.

After a year at Georgetown University, Dr. Jason Fond was ready to begin his career as an orthopedic surgeon. He quickly established a private practice, Advanced Orthopedics, and Sports Medicine and began seeing patients. During this time, Dr. Fond was also appointed President of the Medical Staff at Nyack Hospital. In 2014, Dr. Fond merged his private practice with several other orthopedic practices in the Rockland County area to form Northeast Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, where Dr. Fond continues to help relieve patients’ pain and help them get back to the life they are supposed to be living.

Introducing a New Technique to Help Patients

Living with constant pain can be stressful. It can impact your quality of life and impact your ability to do your job. When a resident in Rockland County began experiencing pain in his elbow, his work began to suffer. As the pain became unbearable the man, a pizza maker, was afraid he would no longer be able to do what he loved. Unwilling to continue to live with the pain, he sought out Dr. Jason Fond, a well-known and highly successful orthopedic surgeon.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Jason Fond diagnosed the problem as tennis elbow. The Rockland County resident was instructed to rest and was given several rehabilitation techniques to try and relieve the pain and reverse the damage. Unfortunately, to Dr. Fond’s dismay, this form of treatment was not working, and it was clear that this case would need something more drastic. The only option available at the time was the traditional surgery that involved cutting open the elbow and surgically removing the damaged tissue.

For a year after the surgery, the pizza maker was pain-free and able to return to the job he loved. However, the relief was short-lived, and in 2014, he returned to Dr. Jason Fond with the hopes of finding a permanent solution. This time, Dr. Fond had a new, minimally invasive treatment called TENEX, and alternative procedure to the traditional surgery. With his years of experience, Dr. Fond was able to repair his patient’s tendons without resorting to the traditional invasive surgery, and unlike the last time, Dr. Fond’s patient was back to work within a few days.

Jason Fond – Finding Time to Enjoy His Hobbies

Dr. Jason Fond is a well-known and highly respected orthopedic surgeon from Nanuet, New York. As an owner and partner of Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Rockland County, Dr. Fond is kept busy. To maintain a healthy work/life balance, he is committed to spending time doing the things he enjoys.

Growing up Dr. Jason Fond was extremely active in sports. This passion influenced his decision to become an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine physician. As a teenager, Dr. Fond suffered a devastating injury while diving, resulting in spinal surgery, during which several of his vertebrae had to be fused together. This injury didn’t stop Dr. Fond, and soon after his recovery he was back to participating in the sports he loved.

As an adult, Dr. Jason Fond still enjoys participating in sports like basketball and golf, as well as watching them whenever he has the chance and bringing his children along as a way to share his passion. He also coaches them in their various sports activities. Dr. Fond’s family also enjoys the performing arts and cooking together as a family.

Another passion that Dr. Jason Fond always finds time for, is volunteering at local charitable organizations. Dr. Fond uses his medical knowledge and skills to help those in need that can’t afford to pay for medical services. He believes that to create a well-balanced and meaningful life, you have to give back to your community. Dr. Fond says that helping those in his community that are less fortunate then he is, gives him a sense of pride and is the least he can do for his community.

An interview with Dr. Jason Fond regarding awards and honors

Question: Dr. Jason Fond, what awards have you garnered?

Dr. Fond. I have been a practicing physician for over 15 years. In 2007 I was elected Director of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Nyack Hospital and am proud to still serve in that position to this day. I was also recently named President of the Medical Staff at Nyack Hospital, and am responsible for overseeing committees, and supervising compliance with respect to rules and regulations. I have also been awarded the position of Treasurer and President of the medical staff.

Question: Dr. Fond what prestigious honor did you recently garner from Nyack Hospital?

Dr. Jason Fond: In 2014 I was bestowed the honor of “Doctor of the Year” from Nyack Hospital. This was an award that was voted on by my peers, to recognize hard work and dedication to the hospital and community at large. I have also been recognized as a Castle Connolly Top Doctor for the New York Metropolitan area two years in a row.

Question: Dr. Fond, describe the process to be honored by Castle Connolly as a Top Doctor.

Dr. Jason Fond: In order to receive the Castle Connolly award for Top Doctor, a physician needs to be nominated by his peers. The physician’s background and qualifications are reviewed and his nomination is then considered. The decision goes to a vote and only a select few are bestowed this honor.

An Interview with Dr. Jason Fond, MD regarding his training

Question: Dr. Jason Fond, what led you to become an Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Physician?

Dr. Fond: I’ve always had a passion for sports, both as an athlete and a fan. When I was 13, I suffered a significant injury requiring extensive surgery. I was able to return to my previous level as an athlete and continue playing sports that I loved. This experience inspired me to pursue a career in sports medicine to provide other athletes the same opportunity to recover as I did.

Question: Dr. Fond. Describe the path you took to becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Dr.  Jason Fond: I graduated with honors from Tufts University. I then matriculated to Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, where I rotated through the different disciplines of medicine, including internal medicine, pediatrics and surgery. I applied to orthopedic residencies and began a position at Montefiore Medical Center. During my residency, I learned the various sub specialties of orthopedics, including sports medicine, total joint replacements and trauma.

I decided to sub specialize in sports medicine and began a fellowship at the Nirschl Clinic at Georgetown University, where I honed my skills as a sports medicine physician. I began my private practice career at Advance Orthopedic and Sports Medicine in 2001. My practice merged with several orthopedic groups in 2014 to form Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Currently, I specialize in sports medicine as well as knee and shoulder reconstruction and replacement.