Jason Fond – A Career in Sports Medicine

Jason Fond is an award-winning orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the area of sports medicine and orthopedic surgery.  Sports medicine is an area of medicine that focuses on seeing to the medical needs of athletes and others who live active lifestyles.

Like many practice areas within medicine, it can be either curative or preventive in its approach to injury and different professionals within the field will focus on different areas. Jason Fond’s career as a surgeon puts him into a curative role where he works to help athletes make a safe recovery.

Despite its name, sports medicine can, can be of benefit to non-athletes as well. Oftentimes, people who have suffered from debilitating injuries such as those sustained in a car wreck or from a disease such as a stroke will seek the aid of a medical professional within the area of sports medicine to help them regain full motor control.

Jason Fond’s career as an orthopedic surgeon gives him the opportunity to help everyone from injured athletes to people suffering from various degenerative diseases and other issues that can affect the muscular system.

Those interested in a career in sports medicine have a wide variety of career paths open to them. Some people in the industry, such as Jason Fond, are medical doctors who specialize in helping athletes recover from their injuries.

But those seeking to work in the field of sports medicine have many options available to them, such as working as a nutritionist, exercise physiologists and others.

A nutritionist understands that the things we put in our body can have a major impact on our overall health and wellbeing. Nutritionists often work with athletes in order to help them develop healthy diets that will complement their exercise program in order to get the most out of their athletic careers.

Exercise physiologists have a number of career options open to them involving everything from evaluating a person’s metabolic function to administrating exercise stress tests. But in the area of sports medicine they often work as athletic trainers helping to develop customized workout plans in order to help their patients best achieve their athletic goals.

These are just a few of the options available to those who wish to pursue a career in the field of sports medicine. However, all of the specialists in this field, from surgeons like Jason Fond to nutritionists, have one thing in common. They all have a passion for sports and for helping athletes achieve their full potential.