Why Attending School in Another State is Important

It was at a young age that Jason Fond decided he wanted to go to medical school. After suffering a sports-related injury, Jason became interested in sports medicine and began researching the different medical schools around the country. As his impending high school graduation grew near, Jason looked at the benefits of state and out-of-state colleges, finally settling on Tufts College in Massachusetts.

Jason Fond felt that attending an out-of-state college would help him to become more independent, which was something he felt would be an important characteristic to have as a doctor. Jason’s personal growth was an important reason for his decision. Attending a college out-of-state also gave Jason the chance to build a larger network of contacts. For Jason, making friends in a new state allowed him to broaden his social circle, expanding his ability to reach out to those friends as he built his practice and career.

For those considering attending an out-of-state college, Jason Fond says that being able to experience a new area is an extraordinary benefit. When you are forced to live in a new area, you gain more knowledge about the world around you and gain a better understanding of the different communities in the country. Jason believes that this can sometimes be just as important and educational as the information you learn in the classroom and wouldn’t change his decision to attend an out-of-state college if given the chance because he learned so much more than just what the college taught him during the four years he attended.