An Interview with Dr. Jason Fond, MD regarding his training

Question: Dr. Jason Fond, what led you to become an Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Physician?

Dr. Fond: I’ve always had a passion for sports, both as an athlete and a fan. When I was 13, I suffered a significant injury requiring extensive surgery. I was able to return to my previous level as an athlete and continue playing sports that I loved. This experience inspired me to pursue a career in sports medicine to provide other athletes the same opportunity to recover as I did.

Question: Dr. Fond. Describe the path you took to becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Dr.  Jason Fond: I graduated with honors from Tufts University. I then matriculated to Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, where I rotated through the different disciplines of medicine, including internal medicine, pediatrics and surgery. I applied to orthopedic residencies and began a position at Montefiore Medical Center. During my residency, I learned the various sub specialties of orthopedics, including sports medicine, total joint replacements and trauma.

I decided to sub specialize in sports medicine and began a fellowship at the Nirschl Clinic at Georgetown University, where I honed my skills as a sports medicine physician. I began my private practice career at Advance Orthopedic and Sports Medicine in 2001. My practice merged with several orthopedic groups in 2014 to form Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Currently, I specialize in sports medicine as well as knee and shoulder reconstruction and replacement.