Jason Fond’s Rockland Times Write-Up

At the end of February in 2014, Dr. Jason Fond was acknowledged publicly for his service and expertise by the Rockland Times. Rockland Times is a preeminent publication in Rockland County, New York.

When a Rockland County resident began experiencing elbow pain, he was concerned his job would be in jeopardy. With an initial visit to Dr. Jason Fond, he was diagnosed with tennis elbow. Dr. Jason Fond prescribed a series of rest and rehabilitation techniques to hopefully alleviate the pain and reverse the damage; however, Dr. Jason Fond soon discovered that his patient’s injury was not being helped by tennis elbow’s traditional treatments.

Utilizing his years of study and expertise, Jason Fond recommended a fairly new procedure called TENEX as an alternative to surgery. In most cases, when rest and rehabilitation does not work doctors recommend surgery to address the issue. Dr. Jason Fond, however, was one of the few in his region aware of this innovative, minimally invasive treatment and was able to offer it to his patient.

With Dr. Jason Fond’s expertise, the tennis elbow was treated with a minimally invasive procedure. Jason Fond’s patient was able to have his tendons repaired without the expense and stress of a prolonged hospital stay or a significantly invasive surgical treatment. Jason Fond’s patient is now back to full health, and continues performing his job without pain or incident. Jason Fond was able to put his extensive experience to work for this patient. Dr. Fond’s exemplary bedside manner and personal attention, gave him the ability to offer a procedure many may not have considered.


Jason Fond’s Sports Affiliations

A passion for sports has been present throughout most of Jason Fond’s life. As a child and teenager, Jason Fond spent much of his time participating in and attending sporting events of various types. When Jason Fond grew to become a doctor, his passion followed.

When Jason Fond had finished his university studies and medical school, during his fellowship he worked as an assistant team physician for the National Football League team, the Washington Redskins This position served as Jason Fond’s initial introduction to practicing sports injury medicine with a professional level team. Later, Jason Fond served as an assistant team physician for the major league baseball team the Miami Marlins.

Jason Fond also serves sports teams and athletic departments outside of the professional sports field. As a team physician and assistant professor at Dominican College in New York, Jason Fond is able to treat injuries and teach students about the study of orthopedic sports injury medicine. Jason Fond has treated a variety of athletic injuries with success and compassion during his tenure at Dominican College.

Dr. Jason Fond also serves as a team physician at St. Joseph’s Regional High School in New Jersey. As someone raised in New Jersey, Jason Fond enjoys treating young athletic patients in his hometown area. Dr. Jason Fond has treated everyone from Olympic athletes to recreational sports enthusiasts for their injuries. Jason Fond is a dedicated family man who works tirelessly to keep every patient informed and well cared for throughout their procedures.

Jason Fond’s Orthopedic Practice Merger

Dr. Jason Fond began practicing medicine in 2001 after studying at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, doing his residency for orthopedic surgery at Montefiore Medical, and his sports medicine fellowship at Georgetown University in Arlington, VA. It was then Dr. Jason Fond went into private practice, and began working at Nyack Hospital in Nyack, NY and Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern NY. Dr. Fond eventually becoming the resident of the medical staff of Nyack Hospital.

Dr. Jason Fond’s original private practice, Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, was located in Nanuet, NY and co-owned by Jason Fond until 2014. Currently, Dr. Jason Fond is an owner and partner in Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Rockland County, New York. This group is the result of a partnership of other prominent orthopedic groups in the region.

Dr. Jason Fond has been able to grow his practice due to his high level of respect and positive acknowledgement throughout the field of orthopedic medicine. Jason Fond has conducted multiple academic seminars and written articles on a variety of orthopedic issues which have been published in multiple well-known medical annals.