Jason Fond – Director of Orthopedic Surgery at Nyack Hospital

Jason Fond is the Director of Orthopedic Surgery at Nyack Hospital and the President of Medical Staff there. Dr. Fond worked for his private practice in Rockland County, New York for many years before he joined Nyack Hospital. Dr. Fond has many years of professional orthopedic surgical experience and has performed thousands of successful surgeries for many patients of all walks of life. He has worked for two professional sports teams, the Redskins and the Marlins, as an assistant trainer, and, in 2014, formed a new private practice from several practices in Rockland County, including his own to become Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

Jason Fond has worked well as a leader at Nyack Hospital. He has led the orthopedic department to new heights of excellence in care for patients, efficiency, and overall community outreach. Dr. Fond believes it is of the utmost importance that he and his staff at Nyack Hospital help patients in a kind and courteous manner. Indeed, Nyack Hospital is committed to working with patients to develop treatment plans and form diagnoses so that they can get the best care they can without the normal stressors that typically come with visiting a medical specialist. Jason Fond has found himself at the nexus of orthopedic treatments that are on the cutting edge of medical science.

Jason Fond works hard to exemplify Nyack Hospital’s values of compassion, integrity, and kindness for all of his patients. He always errs on the side of noninvasive treatments and tries to avoid surgery and other invasive treatments as much as possible.


Jason Fond – Orthopedic Surgeon

Jason Fond has been an orthopedic surgeon for many years in the upstate New York area. He is currently the Director of Orthopedic Surgery for Nyack Hospital in Nyack, New York. This hospital serves the greater Rockland County area with excellent service based on an adherence to quality care, capable physicians, and the efficient allocation of resources. Dr. Fond formed his own private practice, where he worked for years before in the area and was later absorbed into Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, of which he is a partner physician. To be an orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Fond, you have to put in extensive time and effort to get the necessary education and experience.

Orthopedic surgeons like Jason Fond often have to pass through 14 years of formal education before they can practice on their own. Jason Fond graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Tufts University in 1991. All doctors of all specialties have to earn a bachelor’s degree before they can be eligible for medical school. To get into medical school, you have to possess an excellent undergraduate Grade Point Average and perform well on the Medical College Aptitude Test, among other deciding factors. Dr. Fond attended medical school at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, graduating in 1995. Following his residency in Orthopedic Surgery at Montefiore Medical Center, Dr. Fond gained more experience as a resident in the Sports Medicine program at Georgetown University.

Jason Fond has since worked for a number of private practices, sports teams, and hospitals during his long and distinguished career.

Jason Fond – Proud Member of the New York Society of Orthopedic Surgeons

Jason Fond is a proud member of the New York State Society of Orthopedic Surgeons (NYSSOS), a professional organization dedicated to representing the orthopedic community in the state of New York. The NYSSOS helps New York Orthopedists and their patients by helping them create an optimal practice environment to provide quality and effective orthopedic care. Fond is a longtime member of NYSSOS and works as the Director of Orthopedic Surgery at Nyack Hospital in Nyack, New York. His work puts him in contact with many people who need the best in orthopedic care. His long years of experience and thousands of successful surgeries make him one of the premier orthopedic physicians in Rockland County and the state as a whole. Dr. Fond uses the Society’s work in research and efficacy tests to further help his patients who need orthopedic services to remain active and healthy.

The purpose of the NYSSOS is manifold. Jason Fond joined because the Society helps him in his work by creating studies, reports, and recommendations on many matters involving the interests of orthopedic surgeons, including the socioeconomic side of their interests. The Society presents these findings and studies with recommendations and opinions from its members to members of any agency or group, governmental or otherwise, whose actions may be a detriment to the practice of orthopedics in the state of New York and orthopedic patients. The NYSSOS protects the public interest and all orthopedic surgeons in their practice. With their advocacy, the NYSSOS protects the rights and interests of orthopedic patients and the ability of orthopedic surgeons throughout the state to practice their specialty in a safe and highly effective manner.

In order for medical students to become proficient at a complex and difficult specialty like Orthopedics, they have to train extensively in the field in medical school. The NYSSOS ensures that students at medical schools in New York get the best training possible so that they can enter the professional world ready to help people regain their mobility and strength in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Jason Fond trained hard to get his specialty in Orthopedics and once he earned his medical degree in the specialty, he joined NYSSOS to protect himself and help advance the continued training of excellently skilled medical students in the discipline. Orthopedics focuses on muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and other highly delicate and responsive tissues of the human body. The professionals who help people recover from serious diseases or injuries of the musculoskeletal system have to be highly trained and specialized over years of residencies and medical training. The NYSSOS helps ensure that all new orthopedic surgeons and physicians, like Jason Fond, get the best training they can get to make sure that all of their patients afterward get the best treatment. Healthy patients and proficient orthopedic physicians are the goals of the NYSSOS.

Jason Fond – Director of Orthopedic Surgery at Nyack Hospital

Jason Fond is an experienced orthopedic surgeon who has worked extensively in upstate New York for years. Dr. Fond also worked for several professional sports teams as an assistant trainer, including the Washington Redskins and the Miami Marlins. Dr. Fond became the Director of Orthopedic Surgery at Nyack Hospital in Nyack, New York in 2007.

Since then, he has advocated for less invasive treatments for patients whenever possible and has operated on many people with tendon and joint conditions and injuries. Nyack Hospital has always been known as an excellent place to receive medical care of any kind, but since Dr. Fond took over as Director of Orthopedic Surgery in 2007, the facility has also become better known for its Orthopedic work.

Jason Fond has long offered advanced surgical skills along with an easy and relatable bedside manner. Dr. Fond takes all of his patients extremely seriously and always tries to work with them every step of the way on their treatment. While other doctors sometimes scoff at bedside manners and being relatable to patients, Dr. Fond knows that the key to developing effective treatment plans and forming diagnoses is to get the right information from all patients and to reassure them that the plan of action will work to help them overcome an injury or condition in their joints or tendons.

Jason Fond founded a private practice in the area where he worked for years on people with tendon and joint ailments. His experience taught him many things before he took over as a leader at Nyack Hospital. Dr. Fond played a variety of sports in high school and college and sustained many sports-related injuries.

He had spinal fusion surgery himself many years ago and knows how patients feel when they’re going in for treatment after a sports injury. Having been through many orthopedic treatments during his amateur sports career, Dr. Fond knows how to help patients relax when they’re in his examination room and make their own decision about whether or not to get surgery.

Jason Fond is committed to giving his patients the full range of treatment options as the Director of Orthopedic Surgery. If he believes that a patient can get the full range of benefits from a treatment plan that does not involve surgery, he will always recommend that plan. He wants to send athletes back to their sports better than before they were hurt any way he can.

His unique perspective and attitude made him a trusted orthopedic surgeon and physician in his community for years. He fits in perfectly as a leader at Nyack Hospital now because of his exquisite surgical skill and his experience helping people in the community continue to stay active and play the sports they love.

Jason Fond – Relieving Pain and Stress

Orthopedic conditions can include anything from something as seemingly minor as arthritis to something as serious as a fractured hip. Regardless of how seemingly minor the problem might be, all orthopedic conditions can cause major disruptions in one’s life. This is part of the reason why Jason Fond believes that orthopedic surgeons are quality of life specialists whose goal is to help their patients live their lives unaffected by pain or immobility.

Anyone who has been sick or injured knows that the physical discomfort is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how being ill or hurt can make your life miserable. There are few things more frustrating than feeling like life is passing you by while you are lying in bed with a broken bone.

Jason Fond’s career specialty is surgery, but he never tries to push patients into surgery. He realizes that the decision to undergo surgery is a personal one, one that a person needs to make on their own. If, after having listened to his explanation of the procedure and how it relates to their condition, the patient chooses not to undergo surgery, Jason Fond will work with them to help restore their previous quality of life.

No matter what his patient’s particular condition is or what treatment options they decide upon, Jason Fond will do his best to help make sure his patients are able to return to the active lifestyles they knew prior to their condition.

Jason Fond – A Lifelong Love of Sports

Jason Fond has a lifelong love of sports. In his youth, he was active in a number of athletic programs and he credits the injuries he received while playing as part of the reason he chose to pursue a career in sports medicine.

Jason Fond, like many people, enjoys sports for a variety of reasons. One of the most common benefits to playing sports, especially team sports, is that it helps to foster a sense of community. Every sports fan can relate to the thrill of seeing their team pull off a big win or the disappointment of a close lose.

For those who have played sports before, this sense of community goes even deeper. When you and your teammates manage to pull off a big win it will naturally bring you closer together. Even the shared disappointment of a defeat can help forge bonds between teammates because each player will work harder so that they don’t disappoint their friends in the future.

However, this commitment can become a bit of a problem for injured athletes as they might be tempted to put their health at risk in order to get back to their teammates. Jason Fond’s history in sports helps him relate to this mindset and he uses his experience to help his patients realize that the best way to help their teammates is to help themselves.

When he was younger, Jason Fond was an accomplished athlete who was active on many sports teams. Despite some of the injuries he suffered, he still maintains a love for sports and is grateful that his current career allows him to help others recover from their injuries so they can get back in the game sooner.

Jason Fond: Giving Back

Jason Fond has enjoyed a successful career in the field of orthopedic surgery and sports medicine. He feels that one of the greatest benefits of his successful career is that it gives him the opportunity to give back to the community that has helped him achieve so much.

Like many people, Jason Fond often donates to charitable organizations of various types, but one of the causes that is dear and near to his heart is the area of medical charity. Indeed, one of the reasons he decided to pursue medicine as a career was because it would give him an opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives. In addition to donating his money to various medical charities, Jason Fond is also actively involved with the Bon Secours Charity Health System.

The Bon Secours Charity Health System was founded by a group of nuns who were devoted to caring for the sick and needy. Since the organization was founded in 1919, it has expanded a great deal. It currently employs more than 27,000 people in nine states across the United States.

Jason Fond currently serves as surgeon at one of the hospitals run by the Bon Secours Charity Health System. He treats children and adults in a wide variety of conditions related to orthopedics including joint reconstruction, fixation of complex fractures, hand trauma and pediatric injuries. Jason Fond takes great pleasure in the fact that his chosen career has enabled him to do so much good in the lives of so many people.